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router setup and installation

Router Mantra

Networking devices have become the backbone of today’s digital world. To imagine a network that is free from hurdles is a little too much to ask for. Router Mantra is one of the fastest growing companies which provides non-stop support to its customers and businesses across the globe. We focus on making technology simpler for the world by delivering excellent support for hardware and software products such as routers, printers, scanners, computers, and peripherals. Router Mantra provides dedicated support to millions of clients across the world using cutting-edge technology and tools. Our team of technical experts is available 24/7 to provide instant remote support for your home and office devices.  We fix problem regarding router setup and installation issues to complex PC technical problems in no time.

About Us

Our team of professionals has decades of experience in troubleshooting of all types of issues related to internet devices. Most of our experts have experience working for major brands like Linksys, Asus, Belkin, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Netgear, Dell, etc. Our well-trained technicians have the skills, and knowledge to quickly and efficiently resolve almost any problem you might be facing in your internet devices.

router setup and installation

Services that we offer:

  • Computer/ Laptop/ Printer Repair Services
  • LAN/WAN Setup & Installation
  • Surveillance cameras installation
  • Router Setup and Installation
  • Router Firmware update
  • Router Login Troubleshooting
  • PC clean up and tune up
  • Printer installation & configuration
  • Antivirus installation and updates
  • Firewalls, Switches, and Router Setup
  • Troubleshoot Printer related issues such as paper jam, cable connectivity, etc.

Router Remote Support

All of our solutions utilize cutting-edge technology from all major brands such as Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, Asus, D-Link, Dell, etc. We reduce the total cost of ownership by offering router support with only a single point of contact. Our engineers provide the router support and fulfill your requirements. In total, our team will diagnose and repaire all your software and hardware. Our goal is to provide you with solutions and fix your home network router problems. From router firmware update to router connection issues, we have excellent solutions for all your router login issues. Our well-trained technicians resolve your router setup and installation issues by offering router troubleshooting tips. Just contact us at our toll-free number and share your queries/issues.

Here are some of the customer advantages of working with Us:

  • We have a team of certified professionals who are trained on the latest devices and technologies.
  • Our experts use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to resolve your issues.
  • We offer our users affordable guaranteed repairs and subscription plans.
  • Remote online support for all major brands and connected devices.
  • Troubleshooting and repair hardware & software issues.
  • Real-time solutions and on-site support for all your queries.

Why Choose US?

Our aim is to be the best in the market for the services we provide. We care for your connected devices and provide the best possible remote online support. We resolve all of your issues by providing step by step online support. We are never satisfied until you are satisfied.

At Router Mantra, our goal is to provide you excellent support services. If you need help for your internet devices or have any queries, contact us. Just ring us and receive instant support and solutions to for devices such as routers, printers, scanners, antivirus software, computers, tablets, etc.

General Printer Troubleshooting

Technology can be an amazing thing when all the systems work well. But it is frustrating when either the hardware or software don’t perform well. Whenever you face printer problems, the first thing you should try the printer troubleshooting tool that is inbuilt in the Windows. A printer troubleshooter is a great tool but it would not resolve paper jam and leaking ink issues. On your PC, click the ‘Start’ button and type troubleshoot in the search box. Click the ‘Troubleshooting’ option. Next page appears, click ‘View All’ and select the option ‘Printer’. In the Next window, click the option ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Run as Administrator’. Now, select the printer that you wish to troubleshoot. The printer tool will automatically detect and fix the issue.

There are some other problems that you can face with your printer. Have a look at these problems and their solution: 

Solution: If you need large files with complex images, add memory to keep your printer humming along. Use simplex mode rather than two-sided. One-sided printing takes less time. Use the latest printer drivers for example; PCL is the best for faster office printing.

Solution: If you face paper jam issue, printer’s user manual or control panel instruction is an easy solution. You should inspect the paper path and remove the jammed paper. Remove the tray to make sure that paper is placed correctly. Be careful about the type of paper being printed or the paper is supported by the printer.

Solution: You should check the paper loaded in the paper tray as well as print drivers. Make sure paper type matches the type selected in the print drivers. Try to adjust the printer’s fuser manually. Check out the printer components such as your toner cartridges, imaging unit and the fuser for damage.

Solution: You should make sure that you have sent the print job to the right printer. You can make your main printer as your default. For this, Click the Printers & Faxes on your PC. Next, right click on Printer tab and select ‘Set as default printer’. Check there is enough paper in the paper tray. Also, make sure you are using the right kind of paper. Try updating the printer drivers to the latest one. If still your printer is not printing, try restarting your printer as well as computer.

Solution: If your printer is too old with outdated technology, it’s time to let it go. Now, you need to replace the printer. When you are ready to replace the printer, consider a new printer with a service contract.

printer troubleshooting

Wi-Fi Problems and How to fix them?

Solution: First of all, move your router to a more centralized place. Select the best channel for your router using Wi-Fi Analyzer. You can also buy a range extender to extend the range of your router.

Solution:Try to connect your computer to the wireless router directly via Ethernet cable and test the Wi-Fi speed. If speed is still slow then the problem is with your Internet connection, not your router. Contact your ISP and ask them to help you out. If problem lies in your router, try changing its channel. If it not works, reset the router to its factory default settings.

Solution:If you face issue with one particular device, it’s probably a momentary issue. In this situation, turn off your Wi-Fi connection and turn it on again. Try unplugging the router and plugging it back. If the problem doesn’t resolve, disconnect the current network from the list of the available networks and reconnect again.

Solution: If your router not connecting to internet, it might be experiencing interference from other devices or networks. In case, try changing the router’s channel. Switching to a less congested channel in the router’s settings can help you to resolve router connection issues.

Solution: To resolve this issue, you should try resetting your modem. Unplug the modem and plug it back again after a few seconds. Simultaneously, restart your router as well as the computer.

Solution: If you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password, you have to reset your router to its factory defaults. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the router. Release it after 30 seconds and set up your router again.

router setup and installation